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Welcome to the geotechdata.info database. 


Geotechdata.info database is an open-access database of geomechanical experimental results. The project is initiated with the aim of promoting information and knowledge exchange among people working in geomechanics including graduate students, academic researchers as well as industrial engineers. The database is made to accommodate the classified experimental results from  

(i) journal papers, 
(ii) proceeding papers, and
(iii) non-published works.

It comprises results from variuos types of tests including classical ones such as standard oedometer or tiaxial, advanced tests like those under unsaturated or dynamic condition and even, new pore-scale experiments such as mercury intrusion porosimetry, microscopy or tomography results. In addition to the data of experimental results, authors can also add their own descriptions and interpretations in the from of extended abstracts.


Geotechdata.info also provides links to geotechnical experimental resources hosted by external websites. Geotechdata.info does not host these resources and excludes all liability of any loss, damage, violation, or copyright infringement resulting or arising when users accessing and using these Resources.

To submit your dataset or Link, send an email to editor@geotechdata.info


Test Available datasets
Oedometer Test (7) Access
Oedometer Test- Unsaturated thermal (1) Access
Triaxial Test (6) Access
True Triaxial Test (2) Access
Permeability Test (1) Access
Direct Shear Test (2) Access
Direct Shear Test - Unsaturated (3) Access
Cone Penetration test (CPT) (2) Access
Piezocone penetration test (CPTU) (3) Access
Unconfined Compression Test (3) Access
Resonant Column Test (1) Access
Standard penetration test (SPT) (1) Access


All datasets (31) Access