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Geotechnical Business Directory

Company/Institute:   studio prof. marchetti srl
Address:     via bracciano 38 0089 roma italy
Tel:    3.9063E+11
Fax:    3.9063E+11
Email:    info@marchetti-dmt.it
Web:    www.marchetti-dmt.it
Service:     Supplier of Geotechnical in-situ testing equipments
contact information: Mrs. Simona Rebottini
Tel +39 06 303.11.240

DMT-SDMT fyler download

Studio Prof. Marchetti s.r.l. develops and distributes the geotechnical equipment named Marchetti Flat Dilatometer (DMT) and Marchetti Seismic Dilatometer (SDMT).

DMT determines in a quick, precise, simple and economical way various key parameters used in geotechnical design.

Recommendations given in the State of the Art at the last Geotechnical World Conference in 2009 indicate that direct-push in situ tests, such as the Cone Penetration Test (CPT) and the Flat Dilatometer Test (DMT), may advantageously replace, for routine soil investigations, costly and time consuming sampling and laboratory testing – in penetrable soils.

The DMT is especially known for providing highly accurate estimates of operative moduli and settlements. It provides very accurate measurements even in nearly liquid soils. At the same time the blade is robust enough to test hard soils requiring a penetration force of 20 tons.

The seismic DMT (SDMT) is the combination of the standard Flat Dilatometer (DMT) with a seismic module. The SDMT provides, besides the usual DMT parameters, the shear wave velocity Vs and the small strain shear modulus Go.

DMT and SDMT may be particularly helpful in projects where soil stiffness and settlements predictions are critical to the design

DMT & SDMT have a very good repeatibility (1-2%), i.e. any operator gets the same results. The simplicity and repeatibility offer important advantages :

  • Investigation firms find advantageous the short training time. DMT/ SDMT can be a key resource in remote regions, where operators may not be highly skilled. The required skill is the ability to inflate a gas tyre.
  • Designers find advantageous the trustfulness of the results. There is much less need to send supervisors during test execution, thereby reducing cost and time.

The Dilatometer Test is standardized in the ASTM and in the Eurocode. The test is currently used in over 50 countries.

Marchetti DMT system and layout

fmt2 dmt1

Marchetti SDMT system and layout


NEWS: Studio Prof. Marchetti S.r.l. is exhibiting at Geofluid in Piacenza next 05-08 October - Free SDMT workshop on Friday 07.10.2016 - Download invitation







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